"That Smell" Takes 2nd Place At The Burien Film Festival

"That Smell" was awarded 2nd Place in the US Shorts Category at the Burien Film Festival in the Greater Seattle area over the weekend.  Our first award came with our first film festival selection in our young festival run.  

The Burien Film Festival is in it's 3rd year and was founded in December 2014 by John White and Shelli Park. In 2017, it expanded its programming to include international film series.

"That Smell" Wraps

We just officially wrapped principle photography on Kyle's newest directorial project, "That Smell".  The film stars Jay Paranada as Nate, an awkward man who is introduced to the underground world of book sniffing by Trisha, the leader of the movement’s local chapter, played by Keilly McQuail.  

The film was written by Jason K. Allen and produced by Kit Morrison, Jennifer Sara Wilmeth, and Matthew Wayne Long.  It is slated for release in early 2017.

New Website, Yo!


I just upgraded to this shiny new website.  I'm all about looking to the future, so I'm not going to post any old news, but here is a quick recap of the past few years. 

  • SHOOT Magazine New Director Showcase Selection.
  • Winner of Best Comedy at the Toyoma Film Fest (Scent).
  • Winner of Best Narrative at the Suffolk Film Fest (Up A Hill).
  • Winner of Best Music Video at the Indie Gathering Film Fest (The Only One).
  • Project Greenlight Top 200 selection.  Bluecat Screenplay Contest Quarterfinalist (Affirmation).
  • WeScreenplay Contest Finalist (Enough Cocaine to Time Travel).

Back to the present.  I just added some new client work.  You probably already saw it on my landing page, but if not, feel free to go back and watch it.  I'm also working with my amazing producer team to secure financing for two feature films while making some cool stuff.

Much love,